We Think Not.

So, we had 61 new picks entered in the 2019 OBE. Of those, we permitted 42 and updated our database with these 42 names. Among the 40 was one name that we had rejected in the past, Mavis Staples. Since rejecting Mavis in 2009, she has released four records, won a Grammy, been honored by the Kennedy Center and appeared in numerous high viewership events. All of this, coupled with her prior career, brought her name recognition up in our estimation. Voila. Celebrity. This is only the second time we have reversed and earlier decision based on increased celebrity status. The first was Paul Allen in 2015.

One of the ***Not A Celebrity*** picks, Mary Carlise, was already dead (died 8/1/2018). That list got burned two ways. Another ***Not A Celebrity*** pick, Kamala "The Ugandan Giant", appeared throughout 2018 on our website's ***Not A Celebrity*** list. Still, someone decided to try their luck with Kamala. Bummer. Six of the ***Not A Celebrity*** picks, including Kamala and Mary, had been deemed ***Not A Celebrity*** in past years as a matter of fact.

And so......the 18 people listed below (we didn't bother listing Mary Carlise) are ***Not A Celebrity*** for the 2019 OBE. They just aren't. Nope. No way, no how. Don't complain. Don't argue. Don't weep. Just read and learn...

Bob File
Cara Williams
Caren Marsh-Doll
Frank Borman
Jack Van Impe
John Andretti
Kamala "The Ugandan Giant"
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Lee Phillip Bell
Marsha Hunt
Nehemiah Persoff
Rachel Robinson
Roberta McCain
Roger Angell
Terry Funk
Violeta Chamorro
Walter Bernstein
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