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Albert Finney died. He wasn't on any lists but he was pretty good in that Scrooge remake!

Anyway, some crazy stuff went down recently. On January 30, 2019, it was announced that Morton Sobell had died. Thing is, he died on December 26, 2018. Yup, no announcement or AP obit for over a month. Because of this death, we had to exercise a whole slew of rules and update the 2019 statistics page. That meant some serious beer drinking.

Want more details? Check out the mailbag over at the website. It's worth a look in that this has never happened before in OBE history. Had Morton's death made the AP in a timely manner, the outcome of the 2018 OBE would have been quite different. Plus, several folks had Morton on their 2019 lists.

At midnight tonight, the 2018 Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch comes to a close. We don't expect any last minute death announcements to change the standings, so we'll announce the 2018 winner right now.

FIRST - Dead Pool Ghoul (6,6) - $400
SECOND - Deathpool Jeff (5,10) - $200
THIRD - Preservation Society (5,9) - $50
THIRD - Valar Morghulis (5,9) - $50

We'll be in touch with these players over the next few days to work out delivery of the prizes.

Since the 2018 OBE is in the bag (and we're half in the bag too), it must be time for the 2019 Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch to begin. To that end, we've just uploaded the 2019 information to the website. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE review your list. Make sure it's correct. Let us know if there are errors. However, don't you dare complain about the ***Not A Celebrity*** on your list if there is one (or two, or three). Remember the Ronnie Hawkins Requirement.

Finally, we must have missed your donation in the mail or PayPal account. We say that, because only 65 of the 148 players in this year's pool have donated. Why not rectify that horrible situation right now. You can mail us a donation at PO Box 343, Middlesex, NJ 08846 or just use the handy-dandy PayPal button on our home page. If you mail us, please let us know. We don't check the PO Box as often once the Deathwatch is underway.

It's a long one below. Better get a beer....

As we slave away to build the 2019 Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch and to put a dent in these two cases of beer we have, we figured we had better give you a little update ..... and have a few beers.

So far, we have 146 lists entered in the 2019 OBE. To date, we received 58 "new" picks (e.g. not on our master list). Of those 58, we accepted 40, making 18 ***Not A Celebrity***. Please no weeping (or complaining) if you see your list looks like swiss cheese.

We've had some pretty amusing things happen on a list or two but we'll save that for the Statistics page in a few days. For now, let's look back on the 2018 OBE, shall we?

Although not officially over until January 10, it appears the 2018 OBE is all but wrapped up. We've checked to make sure we didn't miss any deaths and we double checked the top 15 or so entries to ensure proper scoring (checking beyond that isn't necessary based on the score spread). We found one error with the First-Place list (it was listed as 6,10 and should have been listed as 6,6). Fortunately, this did not impact the standings. So, it looks like the 2018 OBE winners will be.....

FIRST - Dead Pool Ghoul (6,6) - $400
SECOND - Deathpool Jeff (5,10) - $200
THIRD - Preservation Society (5,9) - $50
THIRD - Valar Morghulis (5,9) - $50

A few things to note.

First off, we had to invoke the Baby Crushers Directive (BCD) to split the Third Place Prize. This was particularly interesting in that The Baby Crushers asked to have their list removed from play in 2018 way back last January.

Second, both lists in third place played the 2018 OBE short picks. Yup, Preservation Society had a ***Not A Celebrity*** pick and a pick that was already dead. Valar Morghulis had a ***Not A Celebrity*** pick. Yet another reason for not weeping if your list gets a little cut up due to your desire to pick the obscure (or at lest not well known).

Third, we wanted to point out that Dead Pool Ghoul took Second Place in the 2017 OBE and that Deathpool Jeff took Second in the 2012 OBE and First in the 2013 OBE. So, we have some repeat winners this year.

Finally, we want to say thanks to the 44 folks who have already donated to the 2019 OBE. Sadly, that's only 30% of all the lists entered. Now mind you, some Death Watchers were very generous. None-the-less, it's just not right to make some players carry the pool for all players. So why not donate? You can mail a donation to the PO Box (PO 343, Middlesex, NJ) or you can use the handy, dandy PayPal link on the main page. Five or ten bucks isn't bad for a year of fun. Do it now, before you forget (or we pass out).

Okay, it's back to the refrigerator for us. There's beer to be had.

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