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A number of you have been wondering, "Hey, where have The Guys been?" Well, we've been at the bar, the brewery, the liquor store...you get the idea.

Anyway, it's Halloween. That means it's time to open next year's Old Blue Eyes Memorial Celebrity Death Watch. Yup, you read that right, we're doing it once again. Another year of death wagering guffaws.

We've posted the new rules (same as the old rules), the new prize information (same as the old prize information), and the new entry form (same as the old entry form) on the website. "So, what IS different Guys?" We're glad you asked!! Nothing is different. If you can't enter this loopy game properly by now all hope is lost for you.

Between now and December 31, 2018 get those lists together and send them on over to us via email or United States postal service. Oh, and don't forget that a nice donation to the OBE brings good karma and improves your chi. Everyone wants improved chi, right?

Well, the 2018 OBE is up and running. Heck, we already have three celebrities pushing up daisies. If you haven't done so already, please check your list to make sure we didn't make any errors (other than the error of doing this for another year).

The 2017 OBE is done and the Second Place Prize was already paid out via PayPal. The Third Place Prize will be mailed out this week via snail mail. As for the First Place Prize, we haven't heard back from Just Kill Me Now indicating how the prize should be delivered. If you're out there, Just Kill Me Now, please check your email and shoot us a response.

We're a little disappointed in donations this year. Several player made very generous donations as we're very grateful for that. However, we don't think it's right for a handful of players to support this whole thing. Why not take a minute to donate a measly $5 via PayPal. We'll wait.

Finally, ...oh wait a minute...what was that noise....did someone just open a beer?...We gotta go! Later!

Here we are....2018. The 2017 OBE Memorial Celebrity Death Watch is behind us. The winners were:

- First, $400, Just Kill Me Now (7, 11)
- Second, $200, Dead Pool Ghoul (7.7)
- Third, It's Time To Sleep (6,9)

We'll be reaching out to these folks within the week to award prizes. Let's take just a moment to wish them all congratulations. They picked dead folks. Their parents must be proud!

Okay, onto 2018. The new lists are posted along with the standings and the stats. OH! OH! OH! Please read them. Please check them. Please let us know if we made any beer soaked errors. There are already two deaths on the board. "Nice" start to the 2018.

We continue to maintain the mailbag (all emails from players and responses). We don't typically advertise this feature but we received a couple emails from a large crew of long time players in IN that really kept us going this season. Worth a quick read. Great bunch of folks we've never met who none-the-less say very nice things and send us money.

Oh, yes, money. We're bleeding over here kids. We give away $700 a year and maintain web hosting services, a web redirect domain, a bunch of little office supplies needed to run the pool (paper, ink, folders, staples, paper clips, etc.), an ISP and we drink an awful lot of beer too. Seriously, we have never spent a cent donated on anything but this pool and it's maintenance and upkeep (though we have spent many personal cents on beer). Think hard about donating today. We have not even broken even on the 2018 prize money yet. We'll still payout in full, no matter what. We're like that. But we'd love to make that up in donations if you can find it it your cold, black, stone cold, shriveled hearts to make it happen.

Until we start the early 2018 email complaints.....We love you all....well, except for you, you haven't donated yet. There is a PayPal link on the webpage. The time is now. Peace.

Well, six days into the new year and it looks like we have the 2018 OBE built and ready to post. It will go up no later than January 10, 2018 (and maybe even a bit sooner). The final tally is 151 entries (unless something shows up late in the PO Box).

So far we only have 51 players donating to the 2018 OBE and we haven't even reached a break even point point for this year's Death Watch. Hoping that changes over the next week or so. Why not make a donation today? It'll make us and you feel better. We promise.

Finally, we have already had our first 2018 hit. The incorruptible but still decomposible, Brendan Byrne croaked. Brendan was on one list.

Darn! They simply don't make enough beer for us to get through this annual process painlessly. Well, it looks like we have about 151 entries. It also looks like we have about 83 new names for which we need to make "celebrity" determination. Y'all know what that means? Yup! It means beer, screaming, stupid arguments, beer, "life line" type calls, name calling and beer. And then, when we're done, it means a nice cold beer (or twelve). Anyway....

As it stands right now, it appears that we have about 19 names that will get the dreaded ***Not a Celebrity*** designation. That's what happens when ya get "wrestling only" lists, and "I'm only gonna enter names you haven't recognized on your web page before" lists and "well, all these names are common in the NY Times Arts section" lists. Don't get us wrong, we actually like these types of creative lists. However, we also know that we'll end up nixing a few picks from them. Watchers, you simply can't imagine how we labor and argue about celebrity status. It tears us up inside (or maybe that was that last India pale ale). Anyway...

We are on target for a January 10 upload for the 2018 OBE as promised. We always try to keep our end of the bargain. Unfortunately, not everyone feels they need to keep their end of the bargain. For example….although we have received numerous generous donations from 48 players (THANK YOU!!!!), we have only raised $477 dollars so far. Now neither of The Guys were math majors, but we're pretty sure that if we give away $700 and we pay for a server, a PO Box and some minor office expenses and we only raise $477, then we're kinda like a starlet on her first Harvey Weinstein picture (if you get our drift). How about making a donation so we don't feel so violated. Come on, #the_guystoo.

More to follow in a few days (once we sober up). Until then, keep your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds, and at least one beer in each hand (plus two to four in your pockets just in case).

The 2017 OBE is just about wrapped up. Wanna see where things stand as of today? Check out the Standings below. As always, we'll wait until January 10 just to make sure there aren't any late announcements about late celebrities. After that, we'll finalize the 2017 OBE and post the 2018 OBE.

What's that? You want to know how the 2018 is shaping up. Well, we have a little insight into that. We have just shy of 150 entries entered into the OBE super computer. Presuming we receive a handful more in the snail mail this week, we should be somewhere between 150 and 160 total lists entered. Not bad except for on little thing....

So far we have only received donations from 27 players. Yup, a mere fraction of the total number of folks playing have made donations. Now look, we don't fancy begging and we know that you don't have to donate to play BUT we do run this thing on donations so why not be a pal (a PayPal that is). Don't like PayPal? You can always mail a donation to PO Box 343, Middlesex, NJ 08846 too.

Finally, you'll note that our Fun Facts for 2018 will feature a famous death which occurred on the date of each bulletin sent.

Here we go for 2018! Somebody get us some beers for goodness sake!!!

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