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I will submit my list tomorrow but was wondering about the post on facebook saying that you would do the deathwatch at least one more year. I hope you guys reconsider because where else can you have a years worth of fun for $20 or so!

But if you are considering shutting it down after 2019 I would be interested in keeping the site alive and keep the tradition going. I have played in pools for several years and have always thought about possibly doing my own. I love the way you do the pool and you are the only I play anymore.

Is this a possibility? I would keep everything the same. I would need some training obviously but feel I have the Knowledge to be able to do it justice.

We haven't made the final decision yet but, if we decide to pack it in, we'll be in touch!
Is it too late to swap on out for Forme Al D'Hyde? We accidentally placed Peter Falk on the list. If so, please list Jimmy Carter instead.

Afraid that would have had to occur before midnight on Dec. 31. We just posted the 2019 to the Website.
When I offered to email the entries from some in my group, I didn't think to proofread to see if they were counting correctly. :) I just copied and pasted, and I didn't notice that my cousin, who is a surgical tech nurse, had trouble counting to 13. Bless her heart! -- But it did give you an interesting tidbit for your Stats page.
If there is a next time, I will be more careful about that.

Hopefully this weekend is nothing but restful and fun for you Guys! :)

The short list is a remarkably common OBE occurrence. It's amusing. So in that last surgery performed, was it 13 or 12 stitches?

And THAT, my dear Guys, is why you are able to keep this project going successfully. Witty isn't that common anymore, let alone witty with a dark side. Your families must be proud. :)
Where is Mel Stottlemeyer the Yankee and mets pitching coach with 5 world series wins as a coach and a stellar major league career. He died before Carol Channing.

Where is he? He's like in the basement of the funeral home being embalmed. Where did you think he was? We're updating now!
So about 2 weeks ago it was reported in the news that "Morton Sobell" had died. Cool. He's on our list.

Turns out, he died on like December 27th 2018, and the media didn't even report that until well into the new year.

So because of that I do believe we are able to option our alternate? (cause why else would we have them?)

So I humbly request you take the notorious RBG out of our bullpen, send her in boys!

This one is interesting on a number of levels. Had this death been reported on or before Jan 10, 2019 it would have completely changed the outcome of the 2018 game. First time this has ever happened. Of course, that is why we have rules. First a few facts:

1) Morton Sobell died on December 26, 2018
2) The first available AP report of this death was published on January 30, 2019 when his family announced his death.
3) Your list was submitted on December 31, 2018 at 11:06 p.m. EST.

Now some rules:


Each list submitted should be comprised of 13 living celebrity picks and one Alternate living celebrity pick. The Alternate is exercised in the event that one (and only one) of a Death Watcher's submitted picks kicks off before the stroke of midnight on January 1 of the game year. In this case, the Alternate will be used to replace the celebrity that bites it.

The Alternate is only used if the death occurs AFTER a list is postmarked (for mailed or e-mailed lists) or received by one of The Guys at the OBE (for hand delivered lists). A list containing picks that were already dead when the list was prepared simply participates one or more pick(s) short for the duration of the game. The Alternate is not exercised in such cases.

An Alternate may be exercised only once. If more than one celebrity on a submitted list pushes up daisies before the start of a game year, tough luck. In such cases the list will simply play out the year short that pick(s). The Guys know this kinda stinks for the Death Watcher who loses some picks but imagine how the folks who keeled over feel.

We'd direct you to the middle paragraph. The Death of Mr. Sobell occurred BEFORE your list was submitted/postmarked. We clearly understand there is no easy way you could have known that Sobell was dead as the obit took almost a month to be published in AP. However, the rules are clear that it is the DEATH and not the REPORT OF DEATH that is used to exercise the Alternate. Consequently your 2019 pick of Morton Sobell will go down in the books as an "already dead" pick. You are not alone as two others have Sobell in 2019. Both of the other 2019 lists containing Sobell are in the same boat you are (e.g. they are not getting the Alternate exercised because they submitted after Dec 26, 2018). One list, Just Kill Me Now, had Sobell in 2018 too and really got burned (more on that below). We'll need to update the 2019 entries page as well as many of the 2019 stats. Oh well, I guess we'll need to go buy some beer.....

We're sure you are disappointed, but think about this: Had this death been reported on or before Jan 10, 2019 then Just Kill Me Now would have taken second place in the 2018 OBE with 5/11. Death Pool Jeff would have been pushed into third place and the tie for third would have been a tie for fourth (no prize). Instead, Just Kill Me Now wasn't a winner at all. Of course, this is also covered by the rules:


For purposes of the OBE, death means "the death of a celebrity" (as outlined in SECTION 7.0.) occurring between 12:00 a.m. EST on January 1 and 11:59 p.m. EST on December 31 of the year of the game in play. Deaths announced in a current game year that occurred in a prior game year will not count in the current game year.

In addition, for a death to count, the announcement of death (via the Associated Press) must be made between 12:00 a.m. on January 1 of the game year and 11:59 p.m. on January 10 of the year immediately following the game year. This allows ten days following the New Year to hear about a death. At that point, the winners of the OBE are announced and the whole OBE for the preceding year comes to an end. If a pick death is announced after the deadline, that death will not count towards the OBE for the preceding year.

Note that the second paragraph clearly states a death only counts if it is announced by Jan 10 of the following year. The rationale for this rule is that, any major celebrity will have a death announcement promptly. The fact that Sobell's Death took so long to announce means the media really wasn't paying much attention. Why? Likely because they didn't think Sobell was much of a celebrity and so there was no constant "looking" to see his status (like there is with say RBG). There is no way a major celebrity's death could be "sat on"by the family for over a month. We really feel badly for Just Kill Me Now, but those are the rules.

The Sobell death reveals a weird circumstance in that Sobell's death doesn't count toward the 2018 OBE and a Sobell entry doesn't count in the 2019 OBE now. It's almost as if we erased the guy from this time continuum.

I mean, I feel that's kind of lame, because no one could have possibly known this, and this is like... the most perfect and obvious scenario where an alternate would be insanely useful. Maybe it's not the letter of the rule but it certainly seems to be close to the spirit of the rule.

I understand by the way you wrote the rules it seems we are pretty clearly screwed... but again... this is why the concept of an alternate should really exist in the first place. It's literally like a textbook logical case for using one.

Not so. The Alternate is in place for lists that are entered BEFORE a late year death occurs. No matter how you cut the mustard, you entered a list with a dead person on it. The fact that you didn't know the person was dead is not relevant. The Alternate is only exercised if you enter a list with a live person on it and then that live person becomes a dead person between the time you entered the list and the end of the calendar year for the game. If it didn't work like that, what would prevent someone from saying, "Hey guys, exercise my Alternate, I really didn't know Peter Falk was dead?" Nothing! That's why Morton will be listed as already dead.
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