You're The Folks That Keep the O.B.E. Alive!

The Death Watchers listed below donated to the 2018 O.B.E. Memorial Celebrity Death Watch. It's because of these folks that the O.B.E is able to continue operation. Maybe you should join their ranks (you should!). We accept donations all year long!

A special note of thanks goes out to Celebrity Fertilizer, Year Of The Living Dead, It's Time to Sleep, Morguenolia Blossom Lee, The "Ex" File, and X-ray Executioners. These Death Watchers were very generous in 2018 and we appreciate it! You should too! And a VERY special thank you to Gone with the Worms, who made an exceptionally generous donation (heck, this player actually donated TWICE!!)

Gone With The Worms
Death Solves So Many Problems
Celebrity Fertilizer
Year Of The Living Dead
It's Time To Sleep
Morguenolia Blossom Lee
The "Ex" File
X-ray Executioners
Deathpool Jeff
Just Kill Me Now
Morgue to Follow
Out To Meet Their Maker
Political Graveyard
Grim Reaptress On Grim
It Tastes Kind Of Like Sad
Styx & Headstones
(Formaldehyde Riders)
And Away We Go
Beat The Odds
Bring Out Y'er Dead
Death To All
Die Already
Die Die My Darling
Everlasting Lifelessness
Free Spirits
Groovy Ghoulies
Hudson Valley Death Squad
Martha Pearl
No-Talent Ass-Clowns
Oldest Celebrities 96-102
Peacefully In Her Sleep
Sleeping With The Fishes
Team Dirt
The Permanent Siesta
Zombie Squad All Stars
DeadBeat Dwayne
All Aboard Those Going Below
The Thundering Heard
Graveyard Smashers
The Muerto Gigante Awakens

A Queen, 2 Presidents, & Other Decent People
Ashes To Ashes
Children Of The Roaring 20s
Dead For No Reason
Dead Pool Ghoul
Dead Right Psychic
Et Tu Corpus
Hollywood Funerals
Homeward Bound
On The Right Side Of The Grass
Paul Berrer
Plot, Plot, Fizz, Fizz (2007 OBE Champs)
Preservation Society
Soon 2B Dead
The Angels Are Waiting For You
The Final Curtain
To B Or Not To B
Toe Tag You're It
Tombstone Shoppers
We Hope That These People Die!
Women Do Live Longer Than Men
Women Eventually Die
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