Terrorist. Age 48.
Whose your Baghdadi now?

JOHN CONYERS (10/27/2019)
Congressman. Age 90.
Gone Conyers.

ROBERT EVANS (10/26/2019)
Film Producer. Age 89.
Anagram: Absent Rover.

BILL MACY (10/17/2019)
Actor. Age 97.
It's no wonder. No one shops retail anymore.

RIP TAYLOR (10/6/2019)
Comedian. Age 84.
To hell with your Big Bang Theory Sheldon, this dude was Sheldon the Sea Genie!
Look it up.

GINGER BAKER (10/6/2019)
Musician. Age 80.
He's been waiting so long, to be where he's going.

Actress. Age 84.
Forget No Strings, no pulse.

JACQUES CHIRAC (9/26/2019)
Former French President. Age 86.
This dude's underwater adventures were simply unparalleled.

BARRON HILTON (9/19/2019)
Business Magnate. Age 91.
Checked out.

COKIE ROBERTS (9/17/2019)
Journalist. Age 75.
Odd nickname. Then again, she was quite popular in the '80s.

RIC OCASEK (9/15/2019)
Musician. Age 75.
You might think I'm crazy, but all I am is dead.

EDDIE MONEY (9/13/2019)
Musician. Age 70.
There's one ticket left...

T. BOONE PICKENS (9/11/2019)
Businessman. Age 95.
Ran out of energy.

ROBERT MUGABE (9/6/2019)
Former Leader of Zimbabwe. Age 91.
The dead basket of Africa.

VALERIE HARPER (8/30/2019)
Actress. Age 80.

DAVID KOCH (8/23/2019)
Businessman, Political Activist. Age 79.
David croak.

PETER FONDA (8/16/2019)
Actor. Age 79.
Easy R.I.Per.

Sex Offender. Age 66.
So young.

TONI MORRISON (8/5/2019)
Author. Age 88.
Boney Morrison.

RUTGER HAUER (7/19/2019)
Actor. Age 75.
Time to die.

Supreme Court Justice. Age 99.
Case Dismissed.

RIP TORN (7/9/2019)
Actor. Age 88.
R.I.P Torn.

ROSS PEROT (7/9/2019)
Businessman, Third Party Candidate. Age 89.
Moss Perot.

ARTE JOHNSON (7/3/2019)
Comedian, Actor. Age 90.
Verrrry interesting...

LEE IACOCCA (7/2/2019)
Businessman. Age 94.
He gave us the minivan. Gee, thanks Lee.

BETH CHAPMAN (6/26/2019)
Bounty Hunter. Age 51.
Fifty-one seems so young but it's 357 in Dog years.

MAX WRIGHT (6/26/2019)
Actor. Age 75.
Alien Lawn Food.

JUDITH KRANTZ (6/22/2019)
Author. Age 91.
Till We Meet Again...

Socialite, Jean Lady. Age 95.
Her bottoms were purportedly the tops. Now her top is definitely at the bottom...of a six foot hole.

Producer, Director. Age 96.
Uh-oh spaghettio.

DOCTOR JOHN (6/6/2019)
Musician. Age 77.
Right Place, Wrong Time.

BART STARR (5/26/2019)
Football Player. Age 85.
A Starr is mourned.

CLAUS VON BULOW (5/25/2019)
Socialite. Age 92.
Reversal of fortune.

HERMAN WOUK (5/17/2019)
Author. Age 103.
A Hole in Texas (actually in Palm Springs).

I.M. PEI (5/16/2019)
Architect. Age 102.
UR Dead.

TIM CONWAY (5/14/2019)
Comedian. Age 85.
Some comedians are so amazing they transcend the genre.
Tim should be thankful he had an opportunity to work with Harvey Korman AND Don Knotts.

DORIS DAY (5/13/2019)
Actress. Age 97.
The future's clearly not hers to see.

PEGGY LIPTON (5/11/2019)
Actress. Age 72.
The sod squad.

PETER MAYHEW (4/30/2019)
Actor, Chewy. Age 74.
This time the Empire really struck back.

KEN KERCHEVAL (4/21/2019)
Actor. Age 83.
Ironically, Ken's final role is in a film titled Surviving in L.A.

GEORGIA ENGEL (4/12/2019)
Actress. Age 70.
Ms. Engel did not consult with physicians due to religious beliefs.
How'd that work out?

Quiz show cheat. Age 93.
Well, he's certainly in the isolation booth now.

DICK DALE (3/16/2019)
Surf Guitar Master. Age 81.
Mr. Eliminated.

LUKE PERRY (3/4/2019)
Actor. Age 52.
Luke Perish.

ANDRE PREVIN (2/28/2019)
Composer/Arranger. Age 89.
Although he was a giant in his field, he never truly mastered the half nelson or the body slam.

Actress. Age 89.
Jessica Late.

PETER TORK (2/21/2019)
A Monkee. Age 77.

KARL LAGERFELD (2/19/2019)
Fashion Designer. Age 85.
We're not sure about "feld," but we sure do like lager.

LYDON LAROUCHE (2/12/2019)
Political Activist. Age 96.
His movements had been quite irregular for some time now.

Actor. Age 73.
Sans Michael Vincent

ALBERT FINNEY (2/7/2019)
Actor. Age 82.
Guess the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was a little less accommodating this time.

KAYE BALLARD (1/21/2019)
Actress. Age 93.
She was the first person to record "Fly me to the Moon?" That's gotta count for something.

CAROL CHANNING (1/15/2019)
Actress. Age 97.
...You don't look well, Dolly.

Baseball Player and Coach. Age 77.
Life threw him a curve ball.

BOB EINSTEIN (1/2/2019)
Comedian, Super Dave Osborne. Age 76.

DARYL DRAGON (1/2/2019)
Musician, The Captain. Age 76.

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