Chef/TV Personality. Age 61.
Ate it!

KATE SPADE (6/5/2018)
Fashion Designer. Age 61.
Kate opted for a different type of bag this time.

CLINT WALKER (5/21/2018)
Actor. Age 90.
Remember Clint in Kodiak? Yeah, neither do we.

Actor. Age 93.
Apparently, he walked toward the Guiding Light.

TOM WOLFE (5/14/2018)
Author. Age 88.
Anagram time: Moot. Flew.

MARGOT KIDDER (5/13/2018)
Actress. Age 69.
Thank goodness we couldn't actually read her mind.
Seems like it was pretty scrambled up in there.

VERNE TROYER (4/21/2018)
Mini-Me. Age 49.
He should have ordered a short beer.

BARBARA BUSH (4/17/2018)
First Lady. Age 92.
She held more than 20 honorary doctorates and she still couldn't get George Jr. to pronounce "nuclear" properly.

HARRY ANDERSON (4/16/2018)
Actor, Comedian. Age 65.
Good Night Court.

ART BELL (4/13/2018)
Broadcaster, Author, Nut. Age 72.
Cause of death under investigation. Suspected: A government sponsored alien
infiltration which employed technology allowing the dead to return to earth and introduce
a yet unidentified virus into Art's water supply. We are told there are tapes and video. More to come....

MILOS FORMAN (4/13/2018)
Director. Age 86.

MITZI SHORE (4/11/2018)
Comedy Club Owner. Age 87.
This woman all but gave birth to modern comedy.
Then she birthed Pauly Shore. Crazy, right?

SUSAN ANSPACH (4/2/2018)
Actress. Age 75.
From Five Easy Pieces to One Susan Ceases.

Activist, Politician. Age 81.
Winnie the blue.

Theoretical Physicist. Age 76.
Guess this is where theory meets reality.

Actor. Age 75.

NANETTE FABRAY (2/22/2018)
Actress. Age 97.
No! No! Nanette.

BILLY GRAHAM (2/21/2018)
Evangelist. Age 99.
Billy Graham and the last crusade.

MARTY ALLEN (2/12/2018)
Comedian. Age 95.
Goodbye dere.

VIC DAMONE (2/11/2018)
Singer. Age 89.
Singing Was the Easy Part. Breathing, now that was a bit tougher.

JOHN GAVIN (2/9/2018)
Actor. Age 86.
Imitation of Life.

JOHN MAHONEY (2/4/2018)
Actor. Age 77.
Anagram time: A Home Johnny.

MORT WALKER (1/27/2018)
Cartoonist. Age 94.
Morte Walker.

DOROTHY MALONE (1/19/2018)
Actress. Age 93.
The Big Sleep!

KEITH JACKSON (1/12/2018)
Sportscaster. Age 89.
Whoa, smelly!

JERRY VAN DYKE (1/5/2018)
Actor. Age 86.
You can say what you want about Jerry, but he wasn't a Dick.

BRENDAN BYRNE (1/4/2018)
Former NJ Governor. Age 93.
The Man Who Couldn't Be Bought just bought the farm.

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