(and the farewell fella)

CHUCK BARRIS (3/21/2017)
A True Genius. Age 87.
*GONG*. "Awww, Grim Reap., why'd you do that?"

Rich Banker. Age 101.
Come, let's mix where Rockefeller's
Lie in pits as cold as cellars.

JIMMY BRESLIN (3/19/2017)
Journalist. Age 88.
Black and white and dead all over....

CHUCK BERRY (3/18/2017)
Musician. Age 90.
Perhaps it was the rockin' pneumonia.

JOSEPH WAPNER (2/26/2017)
Judge. Age 97.
Case dismissed.

BILL PAXTON (2/25/2017)
Actor. Age 61.
Still Paxton.

ALAN COLMES (2/23/2017)
Radio/TV Commentator. Age 66.
Not only left of center, also south of sea level.

NORMA MCCORVEY (2/17/2017)
Jane Roe. Age 69.
Decidedly not pro-life.

Terrorist. Age 78.
Le Shiekh, c'est freak(ing dead).

AL JARREAU (2/12/2017)
Singer/Musician. Age 76.

RICHARD HATCH (2/7/2017)
Actor. Age 71.
Houston, we have a problem. What? Wrong Apollo?

IRWIN COREY (2/6/2017)
"Professor." Age 102.
On sabbatical.

JOHN HURT (1/27/2017)
Actor. Age 77.
Obviously very badly hurt.

BARBARA HALE (1/26/2017)
Actress. Age 94.
Barbara pale. Barbara stale. At the end, Barbara couldn't inhale.

MIKE CONNORS (1/26/2017)
Actor. Age 91.
Man nixed.

MARY TYLER MOORE (1/25/2017)
Actress. Age 80.
Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

Wrestler. Age 73.
He was the first opponent of the Undertaker. The Undertaker won.

BUDDY GRECO (1/10/2017)
Singer. Age 90.
Cured by God.

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