MARTY ALLEN (2/12/2018)
Comedian. Age 95.
Goodbye dere.

VIC DAMONE (2/11/2018)
Singer. Age 89.
Singing Was the Easy Part. Breathing, now that was a bit tougher.

JOHN GAVIN (2/9/2018)
Actor. Age 86.
Imitation of Life.

JOHN MAHONEY (2/4/2018)
Actor. Age 77.
Anagram: A Home Johnny.

MORT WALKER (1/27/2018)
Cartoonist. Age 94.
Morte Walker.

DOROTHY MALONE (1/19/2018)
Actress. Age 93.
The Big Sleep!

KEITH JACKSON (1/12/2018)
Sportscaster. Age 89.
Whoa, smelly!

JERRY VAN DYKE (1/5/2018)
Actor. Age 86.
You can say what you want about Jerry, but he wasn't a Dick.

BRENDAN BYRNE (1/4/2018)
Former NJ Governor. Age 93.
The Man Who Couldn't Be Bought just bought the farm.

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